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Hey! Hi, Hello.

Dear, Soul Family --

I'm so glad you're here. If you found the site "randomly," I want to welcome you, and remind you that nothing is random. I truly believe that we are all karmically connected and part of a larger collective, which is why I am so passionate about personal development and true self-love. When we get to know ourselves and accept ourselves, when we align with our evolving nature, we can show up better in community and live a life we can love.

My own journey brought me to a junction: keep going through life never doing the work and remain perpetually unfulfilled, or get in touch with all the parts of myself that deserve attention and develop into the soul I was always meant to be. We are constantly evolving, as we should be, and I have made it my mission to help you if you're standing at the same junction. 

If you're curious about my credentials, know that I have been a Professional Certified Life Coach (Empowerment Academy) since 2017, Mind-Body Coach (Embodied Philosophy) since 2020, and I'm thisclose to completing my MEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (William & Mary).

Lastly, I believe in holistic approaches to personal development, which includes using a variety of modalities to better understand ourselves. I believe in being a conscious consumer, which includes having a firm understanding of your values and why certain modalities carry meaning. I don't teach the more esoteric aspects, but I include them as part of personal development - if and when - clients tell me it matters to them. 

I'm excited to work with you! Please check out the rest of the website for more insight to our work here, and reach out to me anytime. 



Fun Trivia About Me


6/2 Emotional Generator

I think my Incarnation Cross says it all: "Your life path involves serving and connecting with others to change their lives."

Leah McCloud

Image by Jessica Lewis

Coffee LOVER

Iced, hot, cold foam, no foam, just give me that tasty bean juice!


Libra Rising

In the Vedic tradition, my ascendent is Chitra: "the bold, the bright, and the beautiful." I'm learning to own it.

Dr Katy

Image by Jon Flobrant


I love blazing a trail, finding a hidden waterfall, and meditating under (or sometimes in) trees.


Visionary Entertainer

"I am here to share."
"I am here to make people feel."
Sahara Rose

Image by Alexander Shatov

Current Favorite Time Waster

Watching reaction videos on YouTube. 

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