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Be the Love Challenge

  • 28Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


The Be the Love Challenge is a 28-day guided course that invites you to examine your self-care and self-love practices. Many people engage in self-care in very superficial ways, never targeting what's at the root of their needs, and then those practices fall to the wayside. I believe that true self-care is deeply personal work, and when we spend the time doing it, it leads us to true self-love. I believe that true self-love is the key that unlocks our ability to thrive. In this self-guided challenge, I invite you to introspect on your current relationship with yourself. You'll be introduced to 21 days of practices that you can embody as you uncover what your soul desires to live a life you can love. If you're ready to rehab your soul, join today! **All online courses and programs are non-refundable.**

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