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Stop Feeling Like Sh*t for Not Making Resolutions or Any Other New Year Thing!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

It’s December 30th and I’m watching people struggle with the demands of January 1st.

If you’re someone who is seeing or hearing everyone around you and on social media amp up the change of the calendar year tomorrow night, and you’re feeling bad or behind about not being ready to “reset,” “plan a productive 2024,” or you don’t know what you’ll “resolve to do,” or what your “word of the year will be,” - it’s not you!

I’m not here to bring down those who are participating, but I am here to tell you that this isn’t the time for amped up action taking. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, then it’s winter, and that means it’s time to slow down, time to rest, time to reflect and prepare for that amped up action taking season (Spring).

So don’t fret if you’ve been feeling like you’re not ready for productivity; you’re in alignment with the natural energy of the season.

We only just entered into winter nine days ago, and though the solstice brought us increasing light, that doesn’t mean that we should be expending all of our energy on big, and likely unsustainable, changes. But don’t just take my word for it…

Christmas to Support This Argument

Christmas begins on December 25th and ends with the Epiphany on January 6th, you know just like that song says - on the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 reasons to calm the eff down and quit pushing myself so damn hard! January 6th is the day of the feast, also known as Three Kings day, because it’s the day the magi arrive, gift little baby Jesus with all that gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and realize that he is the son of God. Nobody spends their time worrying about “new year resolutions” when they’re celebrating such revelations! Okay, I’m sure nobody was creating resolutions during the era of Jesus, but you get my point.

Seasons to Support This Argument

Okay, the holidays aren’t enough to convince you, then how about the natural circadian rhythm of mother nature herself - aka, the seasons. As I already mentioned, it’s winter for those of us in the northern hemisphere and winter is cold. There’s a reason mammals hibernate right now. Remember from Science class that hibernation is a decreased state of activity in order to conserve stores of energy for spring (and to survive winter when it’s naturally harder to find food). Yes, winter is about new beginnings, but those new beginnings have to start within. How do you know what project you’ll work on as Spring arrives if you haven’t taken the time to reflect through the winter?

Look around you, Soul Family, trees are resting, animals are resting, the sun has only just awakened and will slowly awaken you too, little by little - day by day. A lot of great work happens during times of rest. Winter is for taking time to nourish your soul, decide what needs to happen over the forthcoming months so that you are ready with the Spring to rise to action. Spring is when you put your winter reflections in front of you and take action! Winter is for doing the deep and important inner work that brings you to Spring (the From Shadow to Light Workbook is a great place to start).

Winter is for taking small, restorative, and rejuvenating action that allows you to pour into yourself in preparation for all that awakens and is birthed with Spring. If you take that action too soon, it peters out, just like when bears come out of hibernation too early, they risk death - so do your resolutions because it's not their time yet.

Astrology to Support This Argument

Would you like an astrological reason as well? Okay, here you go: We’re on the edge of the Age of Aquarius, which brings with it increased consciousness and growth for human development. In the Age of Aquarius we’re more focused on community and taking care of ourselves for the sake of taking care of each other - SO - it would be wise to invest this time in yourself as you prepare for continued social changes that will either send you into community or leave you fighting outside of it. Either way, it won’t be quiet.

Additionally, I know the world likes to celebrate the new year on January 1st because the majority of the world uses the Gregorian calendar, but my friends, the astrological calendar begins with Aries, which coincides with Spring. Aries is a fire element, the warrior archetype and it makes perfect sense that we would take action with Aries. Winter includes an Earth sign (Capricorn), an Air sign (Aquarius), and a Water sign (Pisces) - perfect for grounding, reflecting, and being with emotions. Capricorn works, yes, and what amazing work it can do with Aquarius when using this time to turn inward. Pisces is a fish that goes with the flow, not a salmon swimming upstream. You don't need to be a salmon!

Some Final Thoughts...

Last note - if it feels natural for you to “reset”, “make resolutions,” “plan a productive 2024” right now, then so be it. You do you, ya know. But for so many who I’ve come into contact with, they’re having a genuinely difficult time with giving themselves the permission to do what they are naturally inclined to do, which is to slow down. And I used to be one of those people, so I know how hard it is to tell myself that I’d rather be still with the season, only to feel somehow guilted into doing what everyone else does because I don’t want to feel left out.

There’s a lot to unpack around this subject, way more than I can include in this blog, but maybe this is enough of a starting point for you to know that you’re in flow if you’re choosing to take a break from what the rest of society has deemed all important. The reality is, the new year is an ideal time to market and make money for all the reasons I’ve already listed. Everybody who earns a dime off someone else’s insecurities has used the new year as their launchpad for big (and usually false) promises. I’m here to encourage you to see things critically and realize that you don’t have to participate if it doesn’t feel good to you. Frankly, this is true about anything any time of year.

Okay, I’m coming off of my soapbox to go relax with a salt bath and snuggle my fur babies. If you’ve been wanting to use this time to maintain stillness, celebrate togetherness, and reflect on your past year while you determine what needs to happen next - I see you! I’ve got you!

Until Next Time,

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