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Coaching Services

We offer a couple of exclusive coaching services for you to choose from. 

Check out the descriptions and prices to the right.

Coaching Package

The Coaching Package is for you if you're looking for a few sessions with a specific goal in mind. The package includes four, 50-minute coaching sessions delivered over a three-month period, and together we'll establish your Four Ps: Purpose, Plan, Practice, and Persist. In the end, you'll walk away with the blueprint to replicate the process with future goals successfully. 


Space is limited and we want to work with people who are ready to introspect and take aligned action. For this reason, we require booking a Discovery Session first, which is a 20-minute Zoom call that allows us to determine if our coaching services are right for you. You'll receive a worksheet and coaching details at the end of that call. 


Enrolling March 18 - April 18, 2024

Watch the video below for more information about the Coaching Package:


Personal Development Group Coaching

Personal Development Group Coaching are monthly coaching sessions held in a group format that bring you focused attention to different aspects of personal development. Each month will be dedicated to a specific theme and practice. Short-term goal setting will be addressed monthly, while long-term goal setting will be addressed in the first month and continuously reviewed throughout the year. 

Our group sessions are designed to carry you through 12 months of personal attention. You'll have the option of ending your subscription at any time, but currently we only have one start date: March 1st - the start of an astrological new year.

Group sessions will be held once a month for two hours, date and time will be updated prior to enrollment.

Discovery call recommended, not required.

$45/mth subscription

Enrolling in February 2024

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