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Esoteric Services

We dabble in the esoteric as much as we value evidence-based approaches to coaching. embody soluna's greater message is that we accept and embrace ALL the parts of us, and as we know - two things can be true at the same time. 

Solar Cycle Reading

Get a solar year reading to help you ground into each phase of your next revolution. Reading includes a recording of the full reading + 20-min live check-in to clarify the reading.​

52-card wheel reading for the solar cycle: $180

Watch the video below for a sample of the Solar Cycle Reading:

Solar Cycle.jpg

Solar Cycle Reading + Monthly Deep Dive

Subscription includes a solar cycle reading + monthly deep dives and live check-ins for clarification.

52-card wheel reading + monthly 12-card tarot deep dive: $60/monthly subscription

Watch the video below for a sample Monthly Deep Dive reading:

Monthly Deep Dive.jpg
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