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Let’s Work Together

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Exclusive Coaching Offers

Coaching Package

The Coaching Package is for you if you're looking for a few sessions with a specific goal in mind. The package includes four, 50-minute coaching sessions delivered over a three-month period, and together we'll establish your Four Ps: Purpose, Plan, Practice, and Persist. In the end, you'll walk away with the blueprint to replicate the process with future goals successfully. 


Space is limited and we want to work with people who are ready to introspect and take aligned action. For this reason, we require booking a Discovery Session first, which is a 20-minute Zoom call that allows us to determine if our coaching services are right for you. You'll receive a worksheet and coaching details at the end of that call. 


Enrolling in November, 2023

Consultation Coaching

Consultation Coaching is an individual coaching session designed to open space for your coaching needs that go beyond goal-setting. This is what most people think of when they confuse coaching with counseling: one-to-one support that looks or feels a lot like talk therapy, without the therapizing. If you need mental health interventions, I'll direct you to appropriate licensed counsel. If you're looking to incorporate personal development skills and knowledge into your daily life, so you can thrive rather than survive, let's chat. 

Discovery call recommended, not required.


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Esoteric Services

We dabble in the esoteric as much as we value evidence-based approaches to coaching. embody soluna's greater message is that we accept and embrace ALL the parts of us, and as we know - two things can be true at the same time. 

Solar Cycle Reading

Get a solar year reading to help you ground into each phase of your next revolution. 


Reading options include:

  1. 48-card wheel reading for the solar cycle: $180

    1. Reading includes a recording of the full reading + 20-min live check-in to clarify the reading.​

  2. 48-card wheel reading + monthly 12-card tarot deep dive: $60/monthly subscription

    1. Subscription includes a solar cycle reading + monthly deep dives and live check-ins for clarification.

Booking in December, 2023 for January, 2024. Spots are limited.

Specialty Offer

The Be the Love Challenge


The Be the Love Challenge is a 28-day self-guided program to walk you through true self-care and self-love practices. The Be the Love Challenge runs in the month of February and includes weekly live coaching check-ins. 



Enrollment opens in January, 2024. Space is limited. 

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Short Course

Boundaries, Not Barriers

A course in boundaries, so you can learn to establish healthy boundaries that won't leave you feeling like crap for protecting your peace.


Coming Soon!

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